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How does the heated jacket protect from the cold?

Interview with Sandrine, teacher in Switzerland and mother of two children, Nathan and Claudia:

The women's heated jacket for a mother

Q: How long have you been wearing heated jackets ?

A: I first purchased a heated vest last year during Black Friday, then right after I ordered a heated fleece jacket.

Q: What is your heated clothing favorite to wear?

A: Certainly heated jacket, I love it !

Q: How does wearing heated clothing Did he help you in the outdoor activities of your children during the winter?

A: Let's just say I don't leave the house without my heated's been a game changer! In Switzerland, the weather changes easily in winter and we can have cold mornings even in spring, so, as you never know what to expect, I always have my heated vest with me ! Since I got it, I can finally relax and enjoy a soccer match without shaking because I'm too cold! The best part is the heated part around the neck, it's like having a massage while watching a football match!

Q: What was your winter like before the heated clothing ?

A: I was cold! I usually keep a blanket in the car, but it's not the same! THE heated vest not only keeps you warm, but it also relaxes your muscles.

The heated jacket accompanies you in your daily life

Q: Do you personally practice outdoor activities ?

A: I run and exercise bike until it gets too cold. In winter, I do ski and I go to ice skating rink (for pleasure). I usually wear my black heated vest, we heated gloves and my heated socks for these activities. In the summer I also like to go paddle boarding. I bought the black heated jacket for my daughters too, because it is perfect for the horse riding during winter.

I'm also a nursery school teacher, and because of Covid we're trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I am now known as the teacher at heated jacket (laughs) because I wore it all last year!


veste chauffante femme en vacances à la montagne

Being a full-time teacher and mother comes with daily challenges. But Sandrine meets them with a warm smile, thanks to her heated vest. This also attracts other parents, who are curious to see the light on its heated clothing.

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