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The advantages of buying a heated jacket

The heated jacket can save your life... In any case, this is what researchers from Harvard University say, who are publishing a study on the therapeutic effect of heated down jackets. If you're in the market for these, here are three reasons why you should own one.

Live an experience of well-being

The heated down jacket can help restore blood flow from the extremities to the heart. It allows toimprove blood circulation, and this throughout the body. In winter, hands and feet can be particularly sensitive to temperature variations. Unlike legs and arms, they are often poorly insulated and are therefore at risk of cooling.

OUR khaki heated down jacket is ideal for use at home or when you go out for a walk. It can be worn in any type of environment, whether at home mountain or in town. With it, you will be able to replace your old one Warm coat.

You will benefit from the comfort and the well-being provided by heating the men's heated jacket without having to worry about your clothing. This will make your hands and feet feel warm, even in winter.

Feel good in your body and in your environment

The black heated vest is a source of heat which allows the body temperature to be increased without being hampered by warm clothes. It warms your extremities and increases blood flow to the heart. This body heat is sent to the rest of the body, which gives you a feeling of well-being. Our heated vests allow you to no longer be cold, discover them here!

The women's heated down jacket also offers the possibility of feeling better in your environment. Indeed, the heat generated by your gray heated down jacket will make you feel better. You will thus be able to enjoy your environment and those around you without being bothered.

Heat is emitted by our heated jackets comes from a secure electrical system. To get an idea of ​​the performance of this accessory, we suggest you read how does a heated jacket work?

How to use a heated jacket?

If you are too lazy to read our blog article mentioned above, we will give you a quick summary on the how a heated jacket works.

When the battery external to the women's heated down jacket, the latter will light up green when you press the heating button at heart level. THE heated clothing is now ready for use.


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