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The incredible success of the heated vest

The heated vest is a true revolution in the field of fashion. A revolutionary vest that can be used anywhere, including in harsh conditions. extreme cold. Just turn it on heated jacket to benefit from heating, without having to use an additional electrical appliance. There heated sleeveless down jacket can be used as an additional heat source, under clothing, in addition to other devices such as home heating.

The heated vest is perfect for men and women who are outdoors a lot, especially in the winter. You can keep it in your car and use it when needed. Finally, we recommend this heated vest to sportsmen needing an additional heat source.

The history of the heated vest

The concept of heated vest was born during the 60s. At the beginning, it was the military who used this heated sleeveless down jacket. They were then about to leave on a mission and had to remain absolutely quiet for hours. In these conditions, these soldiers needed an additional heat source that could be used immediately if they were cold.

The heated vest was created to provide instant warmth when it's cold. It can be used as an additional source of warmth or as outerwear. It is also called heated sleeveless down jacket.

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How to use a heated jacket?

The blue heated vest is easy to use. Simply plug in a external battery for heated jacket, and turn it on. This way, you can enjoy extra warmth that will make you feel good. Our models of heated sleeveless down jackets also allow you to adjust the temperature, like with a thermostat. In this case, you can choose the temperature that suits you best.

How to choose your heated vest?

To choose the heated vest which suits you, you must take into account several aspects. The model you choose must be able to be used outdoors and it must be warm enough. For this, it is advisable to choose a external battery for heated jacket which has at least 6 hours of battery life.

You will be able to enjoy additional warmth for hours. It is also important to choose a model that is comfortable and makes you feel well protected. There heated sleeveless down jacket should be thick to keep you warm while remaining comfortable. Quickly discover our camouflage heated vest !

The advantages of a heated sleeveless down jacket

The heated sleeveless down jacket has many advantages. You will then first of all have a feeling of warmth which allows you to keep the body warm. This protection is ideal during very cold winter periods. In fact, the heated sleeveless down jacket is both durable and waterproof. Discover here our red heated vest.

In addition to being protection against the cold, this heated jacket is also protection against bad weather. It is therefore ideal for forest walks, to leave hiking, or a walk in town. This waterproof heated vest is also very comfortable and allows you to maintain optimal comfort. Try our black heated vest, you will no longer be able to part with it!


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