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The women's heated jacket, a new fashion trend!

The heated down jacket is a great way to warm up on a daily basis. It has also become very trendy in recent years. You want buy a heated jacket, but you are afraid of making a mistake? There are in fact several types of heated down jackets. If you're wondering how to recognize them, you've come to the right place. We will see together the different characteristics of our heated jackets.

The different types of heated down jackets

The heated hooded jacket

The heated hooded jacket is the best known of the three. This one has a collar that keeps you warm and a waterproof hood. It is therefore very easy to wear and put on. Your heated clothing will be perfect for your ski days, the practice of hiking or for a mountain walk. Discover our collection of heated jackets right now !

The men's heated jacket is very comfortable and will allow you to work even in the cold. You will be able to move around easily because it heated clothing will not block your movements. It is often used for those who work on construction sites, it's a very good jacket for construction site. In addition, there are cheap heated down jackets, design and fashionable. Like our black heated down jacket.

The waterproof heated vest 

It is very practical for all professions requiring great freedom of movement. Although the men's heated down jacket and the women's heated down jacket offer a fair amount of freedom of movement. There heated sleeveless down jacket is even better for that. It also keeps you very warm due to its heating action and offers a very casual style. Discover our black heated vest here !

The women's heated jacket

The women's heated jacket is distinguished from the other two by its U-shaped neck. This heated jacket is especially recommended for women who are cold. She is the ideal companion for your vacation in the mountains, your ski days, do a petanque with friends or any outdoor outings in winter. Discover now our pink heated coat for women.


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